About the help.wedos.com and its rules

What is help.wedos.com

The operator of help.wedos.com is WEDOS Internet, a.s company. The help.wedos.com project is a huge knowledge base that will contain help, tutorials, and documentation to troubleshoot common and more complex issues related to WEDOS Global and Internet security

How to create a question

At help.wedos.cz, you can ask a topic question as long as it fits into one of the predefined categories. You can also reply to other community members and try to solve their problems.

Before asking a question, we strongly recommend that you try to search for the problem using the search form located on each subpage, including the homepage. If, despite this effort, you are unable to find an answer to your problem, go to the Ask button which will bring up the form to create a question. On help.wedos.cz you can create 2 types of questions.


The private question is designed especially for questions sensitive to the nature of the information contained in the question. This question is only visible to users with the Support role (WEDOS Internet, a.s. employee) and the author of the question.

If the moderator deems it appropriate, the question may be published. Especially if it will be beneficial for others.

At the same time, the moderator may choose a more appropriate form of communication (contacting you by e-mail, inviting you to an online chat, or arranging a phone call). Important note – in the beta test such support is not guaranteed.


The public question is for all other question types, which are visible to all logged-in and non-logged-in users. So you can get an answer from a WEDOS employee or from anyone else who has created a user account and meets the registration requirements.

Try to make the question public so that the answer is useful to all subsequent readers.

Answer as best

To make all questions clearer and easier to navigate, each question can be closed by selecting the best answer. This option is available to both the employee of WEDOS Internet a.s. and the author of the question itself. For this reason, we would like to ask all question authors to use the “select the best” function if they are satisfied with the answer to their question.


For better clarity of questions and their subsequent answers, we recommend using comments. These are mainly used to add additional information to the question or answer immediately below the question or answer.

It is therefore unnecessary to create a new answer if you only want to add to or clarify your question, for example. The other party can respond in the same way. So if you need to clarify the question or expand the answer, add a comment.

Community Rules

  • Every post is moderated. To maintain maximum informational value and to address questions individually where appropriate, each post is manually moderated. But don’t worry we keep on call 24/7, so most posts are approved within a few hours and answered straight away.
  • Each post should be focused on IT and or WEDOS Internet, Inc. related services
  • Make sure the title makes it clear what the post is about. We have a lot of experts here who don’t have a lot of time, so they only pick interesting questions that they can answer quickly. A concise headline will attract their attention and increase the chance of a quick answer.
  • If the site you link to is yours, don’t be afraid to admit it. There are many members in the community who write their own tutorials on how to solve various IT problems. If you are one of them and your tutorial is useful to the interviewer, then write a solution to the problem in the post (feel free to quote from your site) and then insert a link stating that you are the author of the text.
  • Any post can be published if the question is beneficial to other members of the help.wedos.com community
  • Everything you write will become part of the project. We want to use the texts and uploaded multimedia to create a large knowledge base, see. What is the goal of the project.
  • Let’s be polite to each other so that no one is afraid to ask a question here. On help.wedos.com, both ordinary users and experts can ask questions. Everyone deserves an answer that they can understand. Without the need for hidden confrontation or pointing out low knowledge.
  • Watch your personal information. Unless specific information is needed for a solution, avoid giving information like a real email. You can replace part of the title with asterisks. If you need help with a specific service with us and there is no other way, you can use the “Visible to moderator only” checkbox when asking a question.
  • Modifying/deleting a post. If one of the above rules is not met, the moderator may delete or modify the question or answer.