Can I use subdomains?

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I wish to create development version of my website, without affecting my main website. My webmaster wants to create a subdomain. Can I use NoLimit webhosting for subdomains?

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yes, there are two ways of creating subdomains. As an example, let’s create a development subdomain named Feel free to use your subdomain and domain names, just replace the bold parts.

You need to have our default /www/.htaccess file. It can be restored in customer service, using tools.

Dedicated subdomain

  • available only with one domain – specified by the directory name
  • create /www/domains/ directory and save your website into it
  • will work only as

Free subdomain

  • available with all domains, hosted on web hosting
  • create /www/subdom/dev directory, and save your website into it
  • same website will work as, dev.domain2.tld, dev.thirddomain.tld, etc.
  • ensure your website is able to work with multiple URL addresses, or at least proceed with a redirect to main URL


Subdomain is showing 500 Internal Server Error

Maybe you did create directories from both mentioned subdomain methods. Choose only one.

I have lost default /www/.htaccess file, can I get it back?

Sure, go to customer service, locate your web hosting, click it, in the left menu go to Tools. There you can use the restore .htaccess button.

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